Safety & Emergency Support

Knox Box
All business owners are required to provide a Knox Box on the outside of their building. This box allows the fire, police, and medical emergency personnel to access a locked building during non-business hours for emergency issues. These boxes are also known as rapid entry systems. All business owners must contact the Hatfield Township Fire Marshal’s Office at 215-855-0900 to obtain a secure order form for this box. These boxes are required by the International Fire Code.

Alarm Systems
The Hatfield Police Department keeps a record of all businesses in the township with a private alarm system. By keeping track of these alarms, police officers are better prepared to respond to your business in an emergency. If you have an alarm for you business please complete and submit an Annual Alarm Permit application available in the forms section.

Police Support
If you own a business, be sure to have an updated emergency contact form on file with the Hatfield Police Department. By providing after-hours contact information and basic information about your security system, we are better able to respond in an emergency.