Community Policing

The Hatfield Township Police Department formulated a Community Policing Unit consisting of two officers whose duties involve the community policing concept. The following list identifies some of the community policing tasks and events these officers are involved in:

Community Policing Training

  • Crime Prevention meetings and lectures
  • Statistic gathering
  • Compiling information for neighborhood watch newsletters
  • Conducting neighborhood watch meetings
  • Conducting block captain meetings
  • Attending meetings involving government, community groups, service organizations, school groups, etc.
  • Special events where community policing would flourish
  • Develop community surveys/questionnaires to identify community policing needs

The Hatfield Township Police Department’s focus is to change attitudes and project a positive image to help in problem solving, thus improving relations with the citizens of the community. Officers, as a result, receive training in how to enlist the community in creative problem solving and these officers have latitude in exploring new ways to address a host of issues beyond the individual crime incidents. All officers of the department are classified as community policing officers and are full service police officers, not necessarily specialists. They are generalists who can function in a broad fashion and diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the neighborhoods and jointly develop a plan of action to resolve problems.