Hatfield Township's Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) is an advocate for conservation, recycling, and environmental awareness. Residents are encouraged to explore these resources recommended by the EAC and get involved. For more ways to get involved e-mail the EAC.

Spotted Lanternfly Information: CLICK HERE 

Rain Barrel Checklist
Installation and maintenance checklist for your home rain barrel. Provided by Stroud Water Research Center, Education Dept.

Rain Gardens
Learn what a rain garden is, its benefits, and how to create one in your own backyard.

Celebrating Wildflowers
Check out the pollinator of the month on the US Forest Service website.

Pennsylvania Society for Sustainable Agriculture
An organization linking farmers and people to promote local, healthy food.

Do Your Own Household Carbon Footprint
The Environmental Protection Agency provides this household emissions calculator and provides ways for you to reduce your emissions and save money.

The Story of Stuff
Watch this interactive film about consumerism culture and its real costs.

Native Plants for Southeast Pennsylvania
The Valley Forge Audubon provides a list of native plants to include in your backyard and improve the native ecosystem.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Backyard Composting Tip Sheet

Composting at Home provides a guide to composting at home.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission provides a comprehensive website about wildlife in Pennsylvania and various Game Commission programs.

Tree and Insect Problems and Solutions

Emerald Ash Borer
Every year ash trees are susceptible to infestations by Emerald Ash Borers and sick or poorly maintained Ash trees are more susceptible to these insects. There is one treatment option available to combat the insect problem and can be time consuming and expensive year after year. 

There are several options for protecting Emerald Ash trees available. Please click, Emerald Ash Borer Protection Options, to learn more.

Hatfield Township hosted an Emerald Ash Borer presentation by the Department of Forest Pest Management. To view this presentation, please follow this link. Hard copies of information provided by the Department of Forest Pest Management can be found at the administration building.

More information on the Emerald Ash Borer and treatments is available at and

Thousand Canker Disease
In August, 2011, Thousand Canker Disease was identified in Bucks County. For more information, please follow this link.

Stink Bugs
While not harmful to humans, stink bugs can do damage to crops and plants. They live in gardens and feed off of the plants and crops around them, damaging the plants for human consumption. There are several preventative maintenance paths that can be taken to protect crops and plants.

These include:

  • Seal cracks around your house.
  • Replace damaged screen on doors and windows.
  • If you see a stink bug indoors vacuum them up and throw away the bag immediately.
  • If you see a stink bug in your garden, lightly spray the area with approved insecticides. Keep weeds around the garden in control and clean up the garden at the end of the growing season.
  • Hand pick stink bugs in early morning when they are slow moving

Pennsylvania is home to 60 different types of mosquitoes that can transmit diseases when they bite. Penn State University offers a fact sheet for addressing mosquitoes in your area.