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Volunteer Opportunities - Helping Your Community

Volunteers play a key role in helping maintain the quality of life in Hatfield Township. Residents can volunteer their time to help with various parks and recreation events, field work and administrative duties. The Township welcomes volunteers!

Volunteers Needed

Upcoming Volunteer Days for Hatfield Township:

Please consider volunteering your time in one or more township departments. We keep all applications on file for review when events occur or duties are available. Thank you for your interest in helping your community!

Sharky's Volunteer Days

Sharky's Volunteer ProgramSharky's Volunteer Days is a great opportunity for anyone (resident and non-resident) to assist the Hatfield Aquatic Center during preseason preparation and post season winterization. Sharky's volunteer duties can include anything from watering our plants, greeting and assisting our patrons, handing out tubes and flippers, checking the grounds, inflating tubes, and helping out at our new activity center, etc.

Participants in Sharky's Volunteer Days earn 2 Hatfield Aquatic Center passes for each of the volunteer days for which they participate. 

No current dates for 2020.


*All volunteers will need to sign waivers prior to starting work. These waivers are distributed on site on each volunteer day.