Tree Nursery

For more than 15 years, the Hatfield Township Shade Tree Commission has maintained a nursery. The 2310 Stratford Avenue Park is home to 100 or more young trees at any one time, until they are ready for planting.

The nursery uses a drip irrigation system hooked up to a timer. Township public works staff and volunteers take care of weeding and maintenance.

The nursery is also part of the township park system. Two benches and onsite parking encourage visitors to enjoy passive recreation in this quiet, residential area.

Shade Tree Nursery Sign

Shade Tree Nursery

Using the Nursery Wisely

By buying smaller trees, and nurturing them at the nursery, the township is able to better use funds, and maximize the survival rate of the young plants. The Shade Tree Commission selects stock based on project needs such as:

  • Ornamentals for gateways
  • Plants for tight areas
  • Plants to shade open areas
  • Evergreens for wetlands and gateways
  • Shrubs for gateways
  • Plants for stream corridors
  • Plants to provide buffer

The Shade Tree Commission also maintains a thorough inventory and transplanting plan for the trees in the nursery.

The School Road Park’s new front entrance parking area and the Hatfield Aquatic Center grounds are among the beneficiaries of the nursery. Identified as a key resource in the Hatfield Township-Hatfield Borough joint open space plan, the nursery will support efforts to approach tree growing/tree planting as a multi-municipal endeavor.

Nursery Stock Replenished in Fall 2007

Youth and adults of Cub Pack 510 planted nearly 100 young trees of 12 different species in the nursery in November 2007. The trees were purchased with a $5,015 grant from the TreeVitalize Municipalities Program.

These trees replenish the nearly depleted nursery at the end of a multi-year transplant effort.