Knox Box

Hatfield Township requires that every building equipped with a fire sprinkler system, fire alarm system or elevator be equipped with a fire department key box. These boxes are available from the Knox Company and are designed to allow the fire department emergency access to the property without forcing entry and damaging doors or windows.

Advantages of a KNOX-BOX® installation :

  • Eliminates needless, costly forced entry damage.
  • Ensures immediate building entry by fire personnel.
  • Eliminates waiting for building keys.
  • Protects inventory, equipment and supplies from unnecessary water damage by delays in sprinkler shut-off.
  • Maintains building security. Building was not damaged during forcible entry; it can be relocked after alarm investigation.
  • Ensures immediate access to emergency elevator keys for removal of trapped occupants.

Please contact the Fire Marshal's Office with any questions. To place an order, visit and reference "Hatfield Township Fire Marshal".