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As Hatfield Township continues to move toward a more green friendly, we are encouraging our residents and businesses to make that move as well.

Why should your business recycle?

First... it's the LAW ... but there are several appealing reasons. Why send something to a landfill if it can be reused? Recycling saves money and resources. Reducing trash lowers disposal costs and maybe you could get rid of the dumpsters. Now that's appealing.

Non-Residential Recycling is Mandatory!
In 1988, Pennsylvania passed Act 101, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act, to get Pennsylvania recycling! Hatfield Township passed a mandatory ordinance enforcing Act 101 in the township. This ordinance requires all businesses to recycle and is enforceable under the Hatfield Township law.
Non-residential establishments are required to recycle. Non-residential is defined as commercial, municipal, or institutional. Included in this are apartment buildings with four or more units.

Legal Requirement Information

Act 101, Section 1501 (c) (iii)
Municipal implementation of recycling programs shall include, at a minimum, the following elements:

  • High grade office paper
  • Aluminum
  • Corrugated paper
  • Leaf waste
  • and other materials deemed appropriate by the municipality generated at commercial, municipal or institutional establishments ...

Chapter 15, Recycling and Waste Reductions
It's the law, and it's a good idea! As waste disposal costs continue to rise, recycling can reduce your waste volume, and may save you money.

Hatfield Township Recycling Regulations
Chapter 238: Solid Waste, of the Hatfield Township code, provides the rules, regulations, and enforcement requirements for township businesses.

The following information is designed to help township businesses implement green practices.

Setting up an office recycling program
The EPA and Hatfield Township recommends township businesses set up an office recycling program with a coordinator to oversee the program and ensure compliance. Visit the EPA website for more information.

Business Waste Reduction
The state of California provides a website for its businesses that will provide you ideas for reducing your business's waste. We encourage all Hatfield Township businesses to visit this website for more information.
Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection also provides recycling resources that may be helpful to Hatfield Township businesses. Please visit their website for more information.

Hatfield Township and Montgomery County Programs

Hatfield Township is a part of Montgomery County and participates in the county recycling programs. Montgomery County offers recycling programs for electronics, hazardous waste, and prescription drugs. Please visit

There are numerous trash and recycling haulers that serve Hatfield Township businesses and participate in the mandatory township recycling requirements.