Fall Leaf Pickup

Fall LeavesHatfield Township will hold its 2023 fall leaf pick-up on the following dates township-wide:
  • October 23-27
  • November 13-17
  • December 4-8
Leaf Guidelines:
Leaves must be in biodegradable brown bags, available at home improvement or grocery stores (the Hatfield Township Administration Office no longer carries leaf bags). Leaves in bags must be placed curbside by Monday at 6:00 a.m. of each pick up week for pick up by the hauler.

Remember, the collection is township-wide, no zones are established. We have a new hauler for 2023 - J.P. Mascaro - and they are coming early in the week. The hauler will only be passing each street once. Please have your leaves curbside by 6 a.m. Monday of each week.

There is no designated day for each street. It may take the entire week for the hauler to collect and pick-up the leaves.