Most small and all large construction and home improvement projects require a permit. For example, installing a new pool, plumbing for a new bathroom, a new roof, or a fence are all projects requiring permits.

For questions: Review the Hatfield Township Code of Ordinances or contact the Building, Planning and Zoning Department at 215-855-0900.

*Effective February 14, 2022, Pennsylvania will enforce the 2018 ICC Codes*  
There is a six-month grace period where projects can be submitted to be reviewed under the 2015 UCC Codes. This grace period applies to projects that are under contract prior to February 14, 2022, and are submitted for permit no later than August 14, 2022.  Projects with a contract date after February 14, 2022 and, or permit applications received after August 14, 2022 will be reviewed under the 2018 PA UCC Codes and all updated references.

State of Pennsylvania Home Improvements Contractor Registration:

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