Montgomery County EMS Survey

Page, Wolfberg, and Wirth (PWW) are a consulting group hired by Montgomery County to conduct an evaluation of how the emergency medical services (EMS) system is currently being provided within and adjacent to Montgomery County. The independent project consultants will provide guidance/recommendations to address the future of EMS delivery in Montgomery County based on emerging trends and best practices in EMS.

A survey of county stakeholders is an important piece to obtain real life experiences from local communities. This short survey will help the project consultants better assess the current state of the system and will be instrumental in helping to shape the recommendations and the direction of EMS in Montgomery County for years to come. 

We encourage you to be as open and forthcoming as you can when completing this survey. Please provide additional comments in the narrative sections to share any additional thoughts you wish to share. Your specific responses will not be linked to your IP address or mobile device in any way. Your responses are confidential, will not be shared with any third party and only numerical results will be displayed.

There are seven questions that are easily accessed on your mobile device or laptop/desktop computer by using the QR code or hyperlink.

Click here to access the survey

The survey will be available for about three weeks—please consider completing your comments today.

You can also access the survey by scanning this QR code with your phone's camera:

 EMS Survey QR code