Police VehicleThe Officers of the Hatfield Police Department are available to you 24 hours a day. The Police Department provides service to both Hatfield Township and Hatfield Borough. When the lobby is closed the phones are switched over to the Emergency Dispatch Services of Montgomery County. A County Dispatcher will handle your call and they will alert an Officer to either return your call or respond to your business or residence. With the implementation of our revised office hours there are new phone prompts available as well. Please listen carefully to these prompts so we are able to get you assistance in a timely fashion or you can leave a phone message for the Officer you are dealing with. We have also installed a call box just outside the front door of the Police lobby. This call box will connect you directly with Montgomery County Emergency Dispatch and they will dispatch an Officer based on your needs. Thank you for working with us to improve our service to you.

A Letter from Police Chief William Tierney

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