'Do Not Knock' Registration

Any resident of Hatfield Township or Hatfield Borough may complete an online registration to the "Do Not Knock' list.  Residents may also appear in-person at the Police Department to put their respective information on the list. Only street addresses will be collected and provided to the individuals applying for a soliciting permit.

When an individual or organization applies for a soliciting permit at the Police Department, all members of that group will be provided with the latest copy of the 'Do Not Knock' list.


If a solicitor violates the no soliciting policy, all members of their group will have their permits revoked for an initial period of (30) days. Further violation will carry an extended revocation as well as any other penalties deemed appropriate under local and state law.

A resident must reapply every three years to maintain their name on the list.

****The 'Do Not Knock' list does not apply to solicitation for Religious, Political or Non-Profit activities****


Do Not Knock Registration


 Street Address
Address Line 1
 (e.g. 1950 School Road)
 Apartment / Suite #
Address Line 2
 (e.g. Apt 2A, Suite 100)


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