Weather Policy

Weather Policy

Unfortunately, the weather doesn't always cooperate with swimming plans. The Hatfield Aquatic Center (HAC) will attempt to offer uninterrupted service and remain open as long as possible when there is inclement weather. Our goal is to offer the best guest service possible without compromising the safety of patrons and staff.

  • IF THUNDER is heard and/or LIGHTNING is seen: ALL patrons and staff MUST clear the pool as well as the DECK of the pool AND the facility. All patrons must go to their vehicles to wait out the storm. Please see Front Desk if you biked or walked.

The aquatic center will remain closed for 30 MINUTES from the last sound of thunder and/or from when lightning is seen.

REFUNDS - NOT available

RAINCHECKS - available if the aquatic center closes for the day due to inclement weather. RAIN CHECKS will be valid from the time the pool officially closes. Your raincheck entitles you to a return admission on another day. It is valid from the time identified through the remainder of that day.

Unscheduled Closing Policy

At the discretion of the aquatic center management, the pool may be closed due to the following related conditions and will be consistent with industry guidelines and other prevailing practices of similar facilities: Chemical issues, Mechanical Failure, Water Contamination and Short Staff Situations.

The facility may close early due to:

Cold Weather - The facility may close early due to cold weather if outdoor temperatures drop below 65 degrees.

High Winds - If wind gusts of 25 mph or continuous wind gusts present a safety concern the facility may be closed.

Low Attendance - If attendance in the facility is at 25 or fewer guests for one hour or longer, the HAC Management Team reserves the right to close the facility with a 30-minute notice.

If the weather is not favorable for opening in the morning, but the outlook is predicted to be better in the afternoon, then we will announce on Facebook and on our website under "Announcements" page that we will open at 2 pm and remain open until 8 pm.

For weather related and pool closing updates, check the Hatfield Township Facebook Page and/or the main page of Hatfield Aquatic Center website under "Announcements."