Hatfield Township provides residents with numerous amenities and services from our administrative departments. Please contact us for any further information, [email protected] or 215-855-0900.

Building, Planning & Zoning

Permits and approvals are required for residents and developers who desire to make changes to a building or property in the township. We encourage you to stop in and discuss your project with us - many times we can make the process easier for you to complete! Related links include:


The Finance Director can be reached with any questions regarding the Finance Department at the Township Administration Office at 215-855-0900. Helpful links include:

Parks & Recreation

The Hatfield Community Park and nine other parks join to form a park system with a variety of natural and constructed features. Sports courts, a performing arts stage, woodland walking paths, and relaxing retreats make the Hatfield Township system an asset for both active and passive recreation. Programs like the summer recreation camps, pickleball, and fitness programs, as well as festivals, outdoor concerts, special interest programs, and service opportunities are part of the annual schedule of recreation opportunities. Please use these links to access more details about parks and recreation:

Public Safety

The absolute safety of Hatfield Township residents is the foremost objective of the Hatfield Police Department, Fire Marshal's Office, and Emergency Management and Planning Agency. These organizations are dedicated to and effectively ensure the welfare of the community. Please visit these links to learn more:

Public Works

Maintenance planning, roadway construction improvement projects, general township property maintenance and improvements, and snow removal each impact the residents of Hatfield Township. The Public Works Director is responsible for managing these projects to benefit the public. Related links include: