Fire Code Plan Review and Inspection

The staff of the Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for reviewing all plans for new subdivisions and land developments. These reviews are designed to ensure that sufficient access is provided to the development or building(s) for emergency services, the proper distribution of fire hydrants, and assigning street addresses, among other items. These reviews include an inspection of the proposed site to determine if any special requirements are needed because of unusual site characteristics.

The Fire Marshal's Office also reviews construction plans for compliance with applicable federal, state and local fire and life safety related codes, standards and ordinances. The staff will perform periodic inspections of the construction and the fire protection/fire safety equipment installations and testing. In addition, a staff member performs all use and occupancy inspections in conjunction with the building inspector.

Hatfield Township's fire code requires permits for the installation or alteration of fire protection systems, hazardous production operations, and the storage and handling of hazardous materials. Permit applications and additional information is available on the Online Services page under permits.

The staff of the Fire Marshal's Office is certified as plan examiners and inspectors in accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.