Shade Tree Commission Nursery

Shade Tree Nursery

2310 Stratford Avenue, near Wellington Way
(Driveway entrance off of Garfield Ave.)

In partnership with the Praxair Rooting for America Program, Hatfield Township has maintained a tree/plant nursery on Stratford Ave. near Hatfield Village since 1995. Through the years, the nursery has been a resource for permanent plantings on Hatfield parkland and public open space. Although the Rooting for America Program has ended, Hatfield Township has made the commitment to continue a nursery, and has developed a new site convenient to water and electricity. The site is part of the Township's park system, and guests are welcome to visit -- to use its resting benches or walk its grounds.

The nursery site includes:

  • Three separate beds to progress young trees through various stages of growth
  • A shade structure for holding plants awaiting proper transplant conditions
  • An irrigation system
  • On-site parking for a few cars
  • Resting benches

Shade Tree Nursery