Lenhart Road Preservation Area

Lenhart Preservation

2509 Lenhart Road

May 14, 2012 - The Lenhart Road Recycling Drop-Off Center is closed until further notice. This regretful action is due to the continual excessive use of individuals as well as illegal dumping by commercial entities. The extensive costs related to address the volume of material necessitated the closure while Hatfield Township considers appropriate mechanisms to reopen the center. Providing a location for township residents to place leaves from their yard and small branches is and will be the goal of the Commissioners and staff, however the use by non-residents and commercial companies have created operational challenges. State recycling grant funds have covered the expenses to date, however extensive staff time averaging over 35 man hours per week and increased depreciation of equipment cannot be sustained.

This 6-acre property has recently been placed into service as a public recycle site for natural materials. Daily, from dawn to dusk, residents may drop off certain natural materials from their yard work into labeled bins. Accepted will be root balls, hedge and grass clippings, branches and leaves. Branches are to be as long in length as possible and no larger than 5 inches in diameter. Leaves are to be contained within biodegradable brown paper leaf bags. Please no plastic bags for leaves and please also note that the service is not for recycle materials such as aluminum, glass and plastic. Township public works staff chip the branches and stockpile them in a third bin at the site, now a self-serve resource for residents to tap for use at their own properties. Residents are welcome to the chippings whether they dropped any branches off or not. Please note that the service is for residents and not for private contractors or commercial businesses.

Also at this site:

  • Mulched footpath through a wooded section
  • On-site parking
  • Resting benches (summer 2012)