Hatfield Township Administration:

As recommended by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Montgomery County Officials, all Hatfield Township non-essential staff will be working remotely and access to the Township building will be limited.

All public safety personnel will continue to serve as usual. However, we want our Hatfield Township Police Department officers to remain healthy and safe so please give them a break over these next two weeks. Let's all be good neighbors and check on each other and make sure those who are most vulnerable to this virus have essentials to make it through these uncharted waters.

If you need to contact the Township administration, please email or directly to the Township Manager, Aaron Bibro, at

For additional information on the Coronavirus, please visit the: CDC Website

Hatfield Township Police Department:

Update from Chief Tierney (Thursday, April 2nd)

In our continued effort to provide more reporting platforms for the public, we are now utilizing the CRIMEWATCH Online Reporting System. This will be available through our CRIMEWATCH portal. The current environment we are all living in has brought this system to the front of the line. This is a positive note that should be very helpful for those wishing to file a report with the Hatfield police Department. As always, we are dedicated to providing you the best service possible. This should be a big help to all of us. Thank you!!

Effective April 1, 2020, the Hatfield Township Police Department has launched an Online Reporting System on our CRIMEWATCH portal for all non-emergency incidents.
By utilizing Online Reporting, you can...

* Contact the Hatfield Township Police Department
* Maintain social distance and help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS
* Receive an automated e-mail receipt and reference number
* Be contacted by a police officer regarding your report submission


If you are reporting an emergency or a crime in progress do not use this online report web form and DIAL 911 immediately.


Update from Chief Tierney (Thursday, March 19th)

We are a few days into this major event, for this moment in time we are all sharing something in common. I wanted to take a minute to thank you, our residents and the public in general, for the great cooperation you have shown our Officers. These are very trying times, but I see the willingness to help coming through. From our Food Bank collections to the overall pleasant attitude I have observed in people, it makes a trying time easier for all of us. 

Thank you for the concern you have shown in emails and phone calls to the Department, so many calls asking how we are doing. That means a lot to our Officers and Staff, please be aware that we send that back to you as well.

In ending, we remain committed to doing all we can to help you through this crisis. We are here, thankfully healthy, and we will be here throughout. Thank you again for your cooperation. Take care.


Update from Chief Tierney (Friday, March 13th)

As the crisis continues to evolve, we had to make some more adjustments in how we handle things both inside and outside of the Department.

As of today, officers will be handling most of their calls via phone. This will limit the actual physical contacts they normally have on a daily basis. In reality, this isn't too far off what most of you experience with us anyway as the bulk of our contact is by phone.

As of Monday, March 16th, we will be handling walk up calls in a different manner. If you respond to the station, please press the clearly visible button on the wall outside the front door. This will immediately connect you with a 911 dispatcher who can then direct an Officer to you. We are working to keep an Officer free to handle walk up complaints, which could change as the environment changes. This is our current practice on weekends and holidays so this isn't necessarily a big change. It will cut down on interaction with our Staff, which is the goal. 

We are making some internal changes so we can be more ready to handle your needs, the last thing we want is Officers going out with the virus. We want to remain fully staffed so we can provide the best service for our residents.

In ending, please take care, be patient with each other and us. We will certainly return that to you, both now and when we get back to our normal activity. The measures we are taking are meant to protect all of you as well.  I certainly appreciate your willingness to work with us. Take care.


Tax Collector Information:

Real estate tax payments can still be paid in the mail slot at the Tax Collector's home office at 2028 Lenhart Road instead of the Township Building.